The Choo Choo McGoo Story...

Welcome to Choo Choo McGoo’s! The Trine family is
grateful and proud that you chose our family restaurant
to serve your family. Which we believe is the best real
home cooking in Kokomo. Our story is simple. We strive
to serve the highest quality of foods we can, combined
with the best service we can provide, all in a family-
friendly and comfortable environment.

Many have asked...Choo Choo McGoo’s, what’s with the
name? After our restaurant the Kool Breeze Cafe was
destroyed and we were able to open this new restaurant,
our family was sitting around the living room thinking of
what to call our new restaurant. Since it was not really a
‘cafe’ we were all throwing out names to choose. Our
grandson, Aydin, yelled out “I know grandpa, let’s call it
Choo Choo McGoo’s”. After we all had a good laugh, we
realized the name had a catchy ring to it, so... Choo Choo
McGoo’s it was, and we never considered another name

Many people ask about our train. We were able to
purchase it from an amusement park in Angola, Indiana
that closed in 2008.It was manufactured in Dayton, Ohio
in the mid-late 1950’s. It is what is known as a 24” gauge
meaning the track it rode on was 24” in width. It originally
pulled four passenger cars that sat 50 persons per car.
Almost every child (and adult) loves to ring the bell
which is still intact. Go ahead and take your photo.
Several have theirs posted on Facebook. The tender is the
actual power plant and holds the braking system along
with the engine which is an Industrial Ford Tractor

We hope you walk away loving not just the food and
service, but your overall dining experience. Each time
you visit, we hope you try something different and notice
something you haven’t seen before. If you have any
issues at all please ask for Dave or Melissa so we can
make it right. We truly want you to think of us as your family dining table away from home.  Again, thank you for your patronage and "Welcome Aboard!"

- The Trine Family

miniature train